9/1/2017 (Friday)

Pinewood Bowl Theater, Lincoln, Nebraska

Did You See Me?, I Can't Put My Finger on It, Happy Colored Marbles, Among His Tribe, The Stallion pt 3, Tender Situation, Zoloft, The Mollusk, Frank, Back to Basom, Ocean Man, Chocolate Town*, Tried and True*, What Deaner Was Talkin' About*, Kim Smoltz*, Piss Up a Rope*, Japanese Cowboy, Drifter in the Dark, Pink Eye (On My Leg), She Fucks Me, Buenas Tardes Amigo
Encore: I'm Dancing in the Show Tonight, Learnin' to Love, The HIV Song, Lucky Man> Improv/Jam
- soundcheck: Pandy Fackler
- Gene on acoustic for Among His Tribe
- Gene on harmonica for Drifter
- Improv/Jam is just Claude and Glenn - the rest of the band said goodnight and left the stage after Lucky Man

Stats Key

LTP = Last Time Played
SSL = Shows Since Last
TPB = Times Played Before
NTP = Next Time Played
SUN = Shows Until Next
TPA = Times Played After
TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1Did You See Me?07-12-2017993094
2I Can't Put My Finger on It07-13-201782330234
3Happy Colored Marbles08-31-201711830184
4Among His Tribe07-14-20177506
5The Stallion pt 307-12-201792760277
6Tender Situation06-03-2017191010102
8The Mollusk08-31-2017153409-03-201711536
10Back to Basom06-11-2017131430144
11Ocean Man07-13-201783060307
12Chocolate Town06-09-2017151050106
13Tried and True06-07-2017161200121
14What Deaner Was Talkin' About07-02-2017102100211
15Kim Smoltz07-14-20177607
16Piss Up a Rope07-13-201784100411
17Japanese Cowboy07-14-2017727028
18Drifter in the Dark07-14-2017757058
19Pink Eye (On My Leg)07-13-2017821022
20She Fucks Me06-10-20171490091
21Buenas Tardes Amigo07-16-201762420243
22I'm Dancing in the Show Tonight07-13-2017855056
23Learnin' to Love07-13-201781320133
24The HIV Song07-16-201763460347
25Lucky Man04-15-2011277304